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URL Format


Additional props

Can be either supplied using the params argument, or through the URL using ?key=value&key=value etc..

  • FromAddress - e-mail address that the mail are sent from (Required)
    Aliases: from

  • ToAddresses - list of recipient e-mails separated by , (Required)
    Aliases: to

  • Auth - SMTP authentication method
    Default: Unknown
    Possible values: None, Plain, CRAMMD5, Unknown, OAuth2

  • Encryption - Encryption method
    Default: Auto
    Possible values: None, ExplicitTLS, ImplicitTLS, Auto

  • FromName - name of the sender
    Default: empty

  • Password - authentication password or hash
    Default: empty

  • Port - SMTP server port, common ones are 25, 465, 587 or 2525
    Default: 25

  • Subject - the subject of the sent mail
    Default: Shoutrrr Notification
    Aliases: title

  • UseHTML - whether the message being sent is in HTML
    Default: No

  • UseStartTLS - attempt to use SMTP StartTLS encryption
    Default: Yes