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The slack notification service uses Slack Webhooks to send messages.
Follow the Getting started with Incoming Webhooks guide and replace the initial part of the webhook URL with slack:// to get your Shoutrrr URL.

Slack Webhook URL:

Shoutrrr URL:


URL Format

URL Fields

  • BotName - Bot name (uses default if empty)
    Default: empty
    URL part: slack://botname@token/token/token
  • Token - Webhook token parts (Required)
    URL part: slack://botname@token/token/token

Query/Param Props

Props can be either supplied using the params argument, or through the URL using
?key=value&key=value etc.

  • Color - Message left-hand border color
    Default: empty

  • Title - Prepended text above the message
    Default: empty

Color format

The format for the Color prop follows the slack docs but # needs to be escaped as %23 when passed in a URL.
So #ff8000 would be %23ff8000 etc.



All fields set: