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URL Format


URL Fields

  • Token (Required)
    URL part: telegram://token@telegram/

Query/Param Props

Props can be either supplied using the params argument, or through the URL using
?key=value&key=value etc.

  • Chats (Required)
    Aliases: channels

  • Notification - If disabled, sends Message silently
    Default: ✔ Yes

  • ParseMode - How the text Message should be parsed
    Default: None
    Possible values: None, Markdown, HTML, MarkdownV2

  • Preview - If disabled, no web page preview will be displayed for URLs
    Default: ✔ Yes

  • Title - Notification title, optionally set by the sender
    Default: empty

Getting a token for Telegram

Talk to the botfather.

Optional parameters

You can optionally specify the notification, parseMode and preview parameters in the URL:


See the telegram documentation for more information.


preview and notification are inverted in regards to their API counterparts (disable_web_page_preview and disable_notification)

Parse Mode and Title

If a parse mode is specified, the message needs to be escaped as per the corresponding sections in Formatting options.

When a title has been specified, it will be prepended to the message, but this is only supported for the HTML parse mode. Note that, if no parse mode is specified, the message will be escaped and sent using HTML.

Since the markdown modes are really hard to escape correctly, it's recommended to stick to HTML parse mode.