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Experimental feature

This feature was added in v1.0.4 and is still considered experimental. If you notice any strange behavior, please raise a ticket in the repository issues.

Metrics can be used to track how Watchtower behaves over time.

To use this feature, you have to set an API token and enable the metrics API, as well as creating a port mapping for your container for port 8080.

Available Metrics

Name Type Description
watchtower_containers_scanned Gauge Number of containers scanned for changes by watchtower during the last scan
watchtower_containers_updated Gauge Number of containers updated by watchtower during the last scan
watchtower_containers_failed Gauge Number of containers where update failed during the last scan
watchtower_scans_total Counter Number of scans since the watchtower started
watchtower_scans_skipped Counter Number of skipped scans since watchtower started


The repository contains a demo with prometheus and grafana, available through docker-compose.yml. This demo is preconfigured with a dashboard, which will look something like this:

grafana metrics