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Slack Guides

Guides for setting up the Slack service

Getting a token

To enable all features, either the Legacy Webhook- (deprecated and might stop working) or the bot API tokens needs to be used. Only use the non-legacy Webhook if you don't need to customize the bot name or icon.

Bot API (preferred)

  1. Create a new App for your bot using the Basic app setup guide
  2. Install the App into your workspace (slack docs).
  3. From Apps, select your new App and go to Oauth & Permissions

    Slack app management menu screenshot

  4. Copy the Bot User OAuth Token

    Copy OAuth token screenshot


Given the API token

and the channel ID C001CH4NN3L (obtained by using the guide below), the Shoutrrr URL should look like this:

Webhook tokens

Get a Webhook URL using the legacy WebHooks Integration, or by using the Getting started with Incoming Webhooks guide and replace the initial part of the webhook URL with slack://hook: to get your Shoutrrr URL.

Slack Webhook URL

Shoutrrr URL


Getting the Channel ID

Only needed for API token. Use webhook as the channel for webhook tokens.

  1. In the channel you wish to post to, open Channel Details by clicking on the channel title.

    Opening channel details screenshot

  2. Copy the Channel ID from the bottom of the popup and append it to your Shoutrrr URL

    Copy channel ID screenshot