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URL Format

pushover://shoutrrr:apiToken@userKey/?devices=device1[,device2, ...]

URL Fields

  • Token - API Token/Key (Required)
    URL part: pushover://:token@user/
  • User - User Key (Required)
    URL part: pushover://:token@user/

Query/Param Props

Props can be either supplied using the params argument, or through the URL using
?key=value&key=value etc.

  • Devices
    Default: empty

  • Priority
    Default: 0

  • Title
    Default: empty

Getting the keys from Pushover

At your Pushover dashboard you can view your userKey in the top right.
Screenshot 1

The Name column of the device list is what is used to refer to your devices (device1 etc.) Screenshot 4

At the bottom of the same page there are links your applications, where you can find your apiToken Screenshot 2

The apiToken is displayed at the top of the application page. Screenshot 3

Optional parameters

You can optionally specify the title and priority parameters in the URL:


Only supply priority values between -1 and 1, since 2 requires additional parameters that are not supported yet.

Please refer to the Pushover API documentation for more information.