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!!! note Usage of the title parameter Do note that Matrix will discard any information put in the title parameter as the service has no analogue to a a title. Instead, use a custom message format to supply your wanted title as part of the message.

URL Format


URL Fields

  • User - Username or empty when using access token
    Default: empty
    URL part: matrix://user:password@host/
  • Password - Password or access token (Required)
    URL part: matrix://user:password@host/
  • Host (Required)
    URL part: matrix://user:password@host/

Query/Param Props

Props can be either supplied using the params argument, or through the URL using
?key=value&key=value etc.

  • DisableTLS
    Default: ❌ No

  • Rooms - Room aliases, or with ! prefix, room IDs
    Default: empty
    Aliases: room

  • Title
    Default: empty


If no user is specified, the password is treated as the authentication token. This means that no matter what login flow your server uses, if you can manually retrieve a token, then Shoutrrr can use it.

Password Login Flow

If a user and password is supplied, the m.login.password login flow is attempted if the server supports it.


If rooms are not specified, the service will send the message to all the rooms that the user has currently joined.

Otherwise, the service will only send the message to the specified rooms. If the user is not in any of those rooms, but have been invited to it, it will automatically accept that invite.

Note: The service will not join any rooms unless they are explicitly specified in rooms. If you need the user to join those rooms, you can send a notification with rooms explicitly set once.

Room Lookup

Rooms specified in rooms will be treated as room IDs if the start with a ! and used directly to identify rooms. If they have no such prefix (or use a correctly escaped #) they will instead be treated as aliases, and a directory lookup will be used to resolve their corresponding IDs.

Note: Don't use unescaped # for the channel aliases as that will be treated as the fragment part of the URL. Either omit them or URL encode them, I.E. rooms=%23alias:server or rooms=alias:server


If you do not have TLS enabled on the server you can disable it by providing disableTLS=yes. This will effectively use http intead of https for the API calls.