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New URL format

The URL format for Slack has been changed to allow for API- as well as webhook tokens.
Using the old format (slack://xxxx/yyyy/zzzz) will still work as before and will automatically be upgraded to the new format when used.

The Slack notification service uses either Slack Webhooks or the Bot API to send messages.

See the guides for information on how to get your token and channel.

URL Format

Note that the token uses a prefix to determine the type, usually either hook (for webhooks) or xoxb (for bot API).

URL Fields

  • Token - API Bot token (Required)
    URL part: slack://token:token@channel/
  • Channel - Channel to send messages to in Cxxxxxxxxxx format (Required)
    URL part: slack://token:token@channel/

Query/Param Props

Props can be either supplied using the params argument, or through the URL using
?key=value&key=value etc.

  • BotName - Bot name
    Default: empty
    Aliases: username

  • Color - Message left-hand border color
    Default: empty

  • Icon - Use emoji or URL as icon (based on presence of http(s):// prefix)
    Default: empty
    Aliases: icon_emoji, icon_url

  • ThreadTS - ts value of the parent message (to send message as reply in thread)
    Default: empty

  • Title - Prepended text above the message
    Default: empty

Color format

The format for the Color prop follows the slack docs but # needs to be escaped as %23 when passed in a URL.
So #ff8000 would be %23ff8000 etc.